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Rendering Early Details of the New Etios Liva Based Compact Sports Utility Vehicle

The Etios design platform is a new low cost vehicle platform that has been developed from the house of Japan-based Toyota Motors Corp targeting emerging automotive markets such as Brazil and India.

Presently, the Japanese automaker has been offering two new vehicles that have been developed based on this design platform, namely the Liva hatchback, and the Etios sedan. As per some latest updates, nearly eight models are most likely to be underpropped by the same Etios design platform in the upcoming model years.

All the forthcoming models that are expected to be based on the Etios platform are mainly targeted at the low price space of the present auto market. One among those low priced models will be the new compact Sports Utility Vehicle that is being developed based on the Liva hatchback. The new SUV will be joining the increasing number of compact SUVs that will be marketed globally in the near future.

new etios liva

It has been speculated that the upcoming Liva based compact SUV could measure an overall length of just below four meters, so as to make the best utilization of the excise duty reductions a vehicle measuring below 4-meters in overall body length obtains in the Indian market.

It has been said that the new SUV could borrow its power-train options from the present Etios range, since both diesel and petrol power-train options are made available.

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